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We are the marketing team on demand, which means that we completely build marketing and PR departments of the client’s company while working remotely.

We help companies achieve business goals by building a marketing system from scratch or by improving and adapting an already enabled model. We save time for business owners to select a marketing team by forming working groups and take all operational day-to-day marketing activity upon ourselves.

Just imagine: tomorrow you have your marketing department ready. A high-grade part of your team that works in a nearby office.

The crucial problem of the marketing services market:

There is a whole army of consultant marketers - theorists to tell you what you need to do, but never to put their advice into action and to take responsibility for the result.

We provide the coolest operating activities service.

We don’t only develop a plan and strategy, but we also introduce them ourselves. Manually. Day by day.

We are not external consultants or a project team. We are an allotted and personal marketing department that does everything your marketing department has to do.

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we can be useful:

We created 6 products for small and medium business, understanding your specificity, your limitations and your needs.
Marketing package for medium business
We know that systemized marketing will significantly improve your financial performance. We develop and implement a laser-sharp marketing strategy for your business step by step.
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Quadrate28 S
Marketing package for small business and startups
We know that this is a novelty for you. We’re aware your budget is limited. But we are able to create a strategy that will allow you to choose the right road map and inform your customers about the product in an affordable way.
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Quadrate28 HR
Marketing & Sales specialists search
We specialize in sourcing of marketing and sales experts of different levels: from beginners to directors or heads of departments. We are the best in this niche within the human resources industry.
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Quadrate28 SP
Projects of any difficulty level, driven by your imagination
We take full management over the project, starting from the development and presentation of the event idea to its implementation. Our department is engaged in full stack organization and holding of various events - from corporate events and presentations to large-scale conferences and exhibitions.
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Quadrate28 ADV
Development of avertising products, souvenirs, photos
We shoot advertising photos, develop corporate gifts, steles, boards, business cards, metal constructions, advertising products... The crazier the idea, the more interesting it is to implement.
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Quadrate28 P
Video production
We professionally create commercials, we make creative shootings of events, conferences, video presentations, news stories and much more. We fill the work on each project with bright ideas, professional skills and invest emotions and inspiration.
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if you ask us to mention one thing in which we succeed as a team, we’ll say it’s tactics and implementation. In Ukraine and in the CIS there are no real competitors to us. We believe that implementation means more than strategy. A lot of startups and companies die during the pre-launch process, trying to achieve perfectionism. Our credo is: movement and efficiency.

Our customers are start-ups and SMB.

For 2 years of work our portfolio has been replenished with projects from various fields: HoReCa, medical service, retail, start-ups, services, technology, education, telecom, consulting, etc.

60 customers
20 companies supported
10 completed projects


People talk about us:

Andrey Berezovskiy Commerce Director of Nova Poshta International
Yevgeniy Kudriavchenko СЕО Vintage Web Production
Irina Zhumenko Marketing Manager at Globus shopping center
Alexander Nesterenko СЕО ARTKB
Nikolay Kovalev Vip Catering
«Black quadrate of Malevich, Quadrate 28 of Tabaniuk and Zhuk. Does it sound good? Of course, girls are not so famous yet, but they are confidently wading through the thorns of Marketing – PR – Event.
Last year I addressed them with the preparation of the part of a complicated and responsible event one week before it – the launch of international delivery. Idea, preparation, implementation. It was hard, interesting and of high quality. Is it necessary to come to Quadrate one week before the deadline as we did? No! Because it is a stress for everybody. Can they do it? Yes! Generally, in any case, you will get a brilliant result. But I stand for taking care of girls because they have successful and bright future with Quadrate 28»
«Quadrate 28 are cool «pushers». The main merit is that everything started to happen after the beginning of work.
I understand and sell marketing myself, but for my own company, there always was lack of time and forces, because customers get all the best. As a result, I had hundreds of plans how and what to do, but the realization was moving with the speed of a snail.
Quadrate 28, first, they will be able to audit all ideas, add their own and make a plan for their implementation, and most importantly - I began to do everything pedantically.
So it is, no magic, just the discipline and order. This is what I’ve always been missing…»
«Quadrate 28 is very creative, professional and dynamically developing team!
We realized together a bunch of interesting projects and have a lot of plans for the future. We are thankful for efficiency in work and good quality of fulfilment.
We recommend Q28 as a reliable marketing team on demand»
«We have joyful cooperation with the team of Quadrate 28.
First of all the efficiency and professional skills of managers are to be underlined.
We wish you success and more thankful customers!»
«Doubtlessly Quadrate 28 is a team of professionals, a team inspiring to success and everyday growth.
With them you will never be the same, they will be the part of your company, its life, its achievements and wins»
Quadrate28 was founded in 2014 by Valery Zhuk and Nadezhda Tabanyuk.

Thanks to the experience of the company's partners and our professional team, as well as implemented cases, we understand clients' needs very well. We are not afraid of limitations in marketing budgets and tight deadlines. Our experience in international projects and deep knowledge of the Eastern European market give us an advantage on the way to achieving our goals.

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